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Sales and public procurement procedure

Around 5 billion euros is invested each year through the system of public procurement. Our experts, which have rich experience in the field, will provide you with timely information, active approach and overall legal support from the publication of the project to its realization. In the area of sales, we can derive solutions for logistics and distribution, research of the buyers’ market and competition, and explore the common business practice of the sector.

Legal protection and support

Our legal team has years of experience in managing legal departments within large enterprises and therefore it is equipped for the most demanding legal affairs. We are specialists in commercial law and business process support. Continuous education and constant monitoring of legislative changes make us the ideal partner for all legal matters.

Finance, local incentives and the EU funds

We are able to organize and carry out all the necessary actions for the financial part of the business. We quickly check the solvency of customers, organize a system of debt collection and financing of business. Croatian companies have a unique opportunity to use the EU funds and entrepreneurs have a number of incentives at their disposal.

Taxes and deductions

In cooperation with a licensed tax consultant, we resolve issues starting from the selection of external accounting service or internal accounting software to the billing system and tax calculation. We propose solutions designed to minimize the tax burden and we make projected financial statements.

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Experienced team

Our team members have personal practical knowledge and experiences from the management positions in government agencies, capital markets, financial institutions, banks, telecommunications operators, large-scale manufacturing and trading companies.

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About us

Our main characteristics


We have great insight into local business opportunities and many business contacts in all areas.


Simplicity and convenience. Our services result in practical and clear solutions.


With discretion, we take care of all the information entrusted to us.


We use and provide modern solutions. In line with today’s practices and technologies.


Do not worry about deadlines! We are fully engaged in carrying out all services in a timely manner.


We are fully aware of the need to adapt to the market conditions and the clients’ needs.


We make business relationships for a life time. We are passionate about the business we do.


We are focused on details and the merit of problems. Attention to details makes a difference and gives advantage.


We never make compromises when it comes to quality of our solutions and services.

Renowned client

After 20 years of successful work in the sector of civil engineering and construction, our client has decided to take the next step in his business. Our team has been engaged in all aspects of the process: from rebranding and marketing, Internet solutions, through internal organization and the certification process, optimization of the financial and tax policies to the entry into the EU market.