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From the position of entrepreneurs, owners and directors we have handled all the requirements that a business arises; from the establishment, office spaces, recruitment, marketing, IT solutions, sales, billing, accounting, business finances, all forms of legal solutions and compliance with regulations. Through years, we have made many useful contacts for the support in all processes.
Our team members have personal and practical knowledge and experiences gained in the management positions in government agencies, capital markets, financial institutions, banks, telecommunications operators, large manufacturing companies, publishing houses.

They have derived a number of solutions within the financing of projects and operations, withdrawal of the EU and state funds, debt collection, wholesale, storage, production, certification of companies and products, investments in equipment, marketing, computerization of business, employment and the legal domain.

Experience and skills


Josip Prgomet

At the end of the 80’s, during the mathematical high school, Josip Prgomet begun his active involvement in the family business. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, during his study of economics at the University of Zagreb, together with his partner he formally established his first company: a computer playroom for children. Starting from a business idea, financing of equipment through leasing to the organization of daily business, it was an irreplaceable experience in those early years and a roadmap for further ventures.

After acquiring a diploma in finance and banking, he took a job at the Croatian Capital Market Supervisory Agency. During the five years of work at the Agency, he acquired vast experience in functioning of state administration and capital markets. At that time, he passed the exam for the investment advisor, attended many seminars and participated at many panels at home and abroad.

His entrepreneurial character prevailed and he established the FTC – financial institution for financing through the purchase of receivables – factoring. For five years he was responsible for creating and managing all elements of the business, and fully matured as an entrepreneur and manager. Hundreds of clients and 80 million euros of placements inevitably resulted in valuable experience..

With the economic downturn, increased risks take him to the position of the manager of the factory of pipes made from thermoplastics, Heplast-pipe. He successfully worked there for three years. Production organization and management of the system of 70 employees completed his previous knowledge.

In the past eight years, from the leading positions Josip has achieved almost a 150 euros in turnover, and it is safe to say that he has a quality to easily recognize and define the problem, take the responsibility, and find and implement a solution.

He is in line with modern technological achievements, as well as modern managerial policies and current business models.

Today, as an external adviser, he is actively involved in several companies in which his knowledge and innovative approach improve every aspect of the business.



Neven Bošković

From managing positions within the financial sector, Neven Bošković has achieved cooperation with more than 500 clients from all industries, who were financed with more than 2 billion kunas.

He begun his active business life during his high school days. He gained his first corporate experience at the regional head office of the company Metro Cash & Carry, and early entrepreneurial experiences in a family publishing company.

After graduating in Business Economics and Finances, he quickly progressed to management departments in several companies in the financial sector. He continued his career as the director of a company for factoring in a banking group, and achieved entrepreneurial venture through his own service company.

He has many years of formal leadership experience and he has great knowledge of business opportunities in Croatia.

Neven has an exceptional quality of being operational and efficient. He finishes each task without a delay and leads the customers and associates to success.

Being very pleasant in communication, Neven operationally carries out the necessary solutions, often completely independently as a client’s representative.



Expert Associates

After years of experience and cooperation with many companies in all sectors, we can say that we have acquired good colleagues, experts in their fields, who exchange their knowledge with us and share the same views on business and relationships with the clients. Such cooperation enables us to carry out a wide range of services.

In the field of public procurement, we collaborate with a colleague who has great references in all matters. He has been gaining the knowledge about public procurement through many years and from different positions: that of clients and suppliers, government administration and entrepreneurs. He is formally certified and he leads thematic seminars on public procurement.

In the field of law, we cooperate with a law firm that covers all legal matters, and is specialized in trade law and the law of obligations. In this way we are sure that our clients are entitled to valid and verified information.

We have been successfully working on many projects together with our colleagues in the field of tax issues and the EU funds.

Depending on the type of service required, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the above mentioned associates.

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